Trick To Get Flipkart Free Delivery Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the top shopping locales in India with mixed bag of items. A considerable lot of us are currently days leaning toward web shopping to spare our time and to get our prerequisites at less expensive expense.Most commonly no one goes out of their home to buy cheap mobile phone with deals outside. Everyone buys from the flipkart mobile phones Online Store.However numerous items have conveyance charges to pay. Today we are imparting a marvelous trap to purchase items on Flipkart without conveyance charges. At the same time it is confined to WS Retail just.

Flipkart India Trick

As you may realize that WS Retail is the most trusted and smash hit on Flipkart. Flipkart even have an offer for clients in which you will get all item under Rs 500 at free conveyance that is called as Flipkart First Subscription which costs you Rs 500 every year.

Anyway by utilizing our deceive you won’t be obliged to buy that premium offer. You will get those profits with our detour trap.


Requirement For This Trick To Work:
Steps To Bypass Delivery Charges:
  • First of all suppose you want to buy a headphone.



  • As should be obvious in above picture, that conveyance charge for this item is Rs. 40 and this item is sold by WS Retail.
  • Presently in the wake of adding it to Cart the sum we have to pay is Rs. 99 + Rs 40.

Trick To Bypass Delivery Charges:

  • Now add another product which makes the total Cart value above Rs. 500

[quote_box_center]Note: On Flipkart, if the product(s) you are buying under WS Retail values greater than Rs 500 then delivery charges are not applicable means it gets free.[/quote_box_center]

  • Suppose we add any other product sold by WS Retail To Cart which makes the total cart value greater than Rs 500


  • As you can see that I have added another product sold by WS Retail which is making the total price greater than Rs 500 and hence you can see delivery charge changes to Rs 0 means Free.
  • Just place both the orders and after placing immediately cancel the second order.


By this way you can get the product without paying for delivery.


Note: We are not responsible for any act done by you. This post is just for educational purpose. Flipkart will soon patch this bug.


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