Gearbeast is yet an another popular and reliable website of smartphone sellers of Chineese branded gadgets which sell smartphones and other gadgets at a most exciting price.

A Sale has been hosted on branded as the ‘Cell Phone bargain Hunt’ to provide exciting offers on smartphones and other gadgets. It’s not just an offer. But It is a lucky chance for you to win a gadget for free. The sale starts from 6th April to 13th April. One in every 50 orders will be taken as lucky winners which makes this offer even more luckier.

What makes this sale popular is because of its two reasons:

1.The first fact is that, You are able to buy an excellent smartphone at a very cheap discounted price than  what other commerce site offers to you now.

2.Second Fact is that, if you are selected as the lucky winner, Then Woaa! you get a phone for FREE.! i.e.   You get a coupon which is equal to its value of its phone. Isn’t that great?

Gearbeast is one of the few e-commerce retailers who choose to sell gadgets with its host of such exciting Sale. Buying a phone at cheap rate is yet an another chance of you getting its complete equivalent value. Take a look at the entire catalog on Gearbest Offers Page.


Cell Phone Bargain Hunt Gearbeast

Rules of Cell Phone Bargain Hunt

  • Date of Sale: From Apr 6 – 13: Just Order and pay for phone(s) to join Lucky Draw.
  • On each order user will get one lucky draw chance.
  • For every 50 total orders, one Lucky Draw takes place, thats makes you even luckier.
  • Each winner receives a coupon equal to value of their phone.
  • Winners list will appear on GearBest Blog after the contest ends.

The list is mainly occupied by the Flagship killer,OnePlus One at just $395.99 and also the newly released Gionee ELife E7 at $149.99. Other chineese brands like Cubot, Ulephone ,Lenovo, Meizu are also been sold at its sale.

There are lots and lots of premium phones available on to choose from. Below is some of the list of some of popular mobile phones deals that you can buy to enter in the Lucky Draw:

  • Lenovo A8 Price: $148.99
  • Meizu MX4 Pro Price: $383.66
  • Elephone P2000 Price: $139.99
  • Ulefone Be One Price: $124.99
  • ONEPLUS One Price: $395.99
  • Gionee Elife E7 Price: $159.99 and many more.
 The Frist Winner of the GearBest Cell Phone Bargain Hunt is in, folks!
 Congratulations to EFTYCHIA who will receive a coupon equal to value of her phones. 
 Stay tuned for even more prizes in this Bargain Hunt!


Email: eftychi***
Order number:  W1504061344057820
Ordered items: Elephone P2000($139.99) + Case for Elephone P2000(6.69) + Shipping Insurance($3.93)
Country: Greece

One lucky winner is a choosen..! So..why waiting? Go buy a perfect Smartphone and stand a chance to win the lucky draw. Gearbeast is going to be your lucky friend especially if you are an into chineese brands.

Good lucky to everyone!

Here is the Link to the Gearbeast Offers Page.