Google, at its media conference event on tuesday told that it is introducing a family plan for its music streaming app Google Play. The plan can have upto 6 members to use the service with each of them having their own ID. The price of this plan is going to be $15 ( Rs1000 approx )

As there is a lot of competition in the subscription based music industry which is dominated by Spotify, and got a newbie by Apple called the Apple Music. Google has probably realised that it is missing one of the feature that most of the music companies provide, and has launched this service.

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There will be no change for the individual Google Play Music users as the price for it will remain at $9.99 ( Rs 600 approx )

This new feature will be rolling out during the end of 2015. Google has tried to give a very tough competition to its rivals which, as mentioned above are Apple Music & Spotify. The pricing of Google is same as Apple’s, however it is much cheaper that Spotify which starts from $15 to $30, depending on the number of users.



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