This is the story of a lonely genius Alan Turing who single-handedly tries to save the world through his immense code breaking machine..

In the movie ‘The Imitation Game’, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the major role of Alan Turing, the mathematician who enrolled at Cambridge university.. During the time of World War II, The Germans and the Nazis had machine called Enigma which is uncrackable, possibly the most difficult and impossible problem in the world and no one knows how to crack it..

It is like the fate of the free world

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The key to defeating the Nazis is by breaking this code.. But the problem is that, this code resets every day.. So anytime someone gets close to possibly cracking this code… BOOM.. The code is now new the next day and all the work you have done is waste.

imitation game posterHe had a companion at school named Christopher, with whom he used to pass encrypted cipher messages during the class times which only they could decrypt. Alan and his friend was known as the best students of the school and hence they both had a very close relationship.

During the time of World War II, Germans used encrypted secret messages to communicate. At that time, everyone thought it was impossible to break the Enigma code. Alan worked as an employee with several other code breaking experts to help British forces decode those secret messages. However, it was impossible for them to get the code decoded instantly, since the settings of the Enigma code kept changing everyday.

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Alan Turing found an ultimate solution by which he could decrypt the Enigma code with a machine. His words strongly stating ‘What if one Machine can defeat another machine?‘ makes this even more challenging.

Alan Turing was funded with $1000 million cash to built the machine. And henceforth it was it duty to bring out the best results within the deadline he was give.

The Enigma is a well perfect designed machine used to encrypt these codes and Alan was pretty confident all the time that he would ultimately give an end solution in cracking this.

Inspired by the True Story of Alan Turing, the film mainly focuses on the way how people lived during the World War II and also gives us a glance look over the way how he gets into relationship with Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley), who is portrayed as a young talented woman who is very very smart and intelligent.

The way how Alan Turing build his team with his colleagues and how finally he makes the way out in breaking the Enigma secret code using his dearest Christopher machine he made, reminds us of the quote ‘Nothing is Impossible’.

He also brings about a beautiful question: “Can Machines Think?

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Overall, this was an enjoyable and informative film which could remind us of the great work Alan Turing has done. It was said that the Alan Turing’s Enigma code breaking machine helped the nation to shorten the war attacks by more than 2 years, saving over 14million lives.

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