Samsung had a little astonish for us at their corner not long from now at CES 2015 as they showed a few up and coming, unannounced SD and microsd cards.

A year ago at CES, Samsung quit fooling around about entering the marked memory card business with the presentation of the Samsung EVO and Samsung PRO microsd and SD cards, and during the current year it shows up they will be acquainting a redesign with the lineup with the Samsung EVO Plus and the Samsung PRO Plus.

Samsung PRO Plus series of memory cards which will be available in both the microSD and SD card form factors in the 32GB and 64GB capacities. Both PRO Plus form factors will support UHS-1, U3 speed class and performance will be upgraded to 95MB/s reads and 90MB/s writes, up from 90MB/s reads and 80MB/s writes for the Samsung PRO memory card lineup.

Samsung has Launched this in India on Flipkart, India’s e-comerse site.The three variants of this SD card 16GB, 32GB and 64GB are priced at INR 1330, INR 2249 and INR 4129 respectively.

Buy 16GB on Flipkart Buy 32GB on Flipkart Buy 64GB on Flipkart
Samsung PRO SD Card