Speed Up Your Website With MaxCDN


If you are a blogger who is worried of slow website speed, then surely MaxCDN is my recommendation to you. MaxCDN is a Content delivery network which means that you could get blazing speed on website just from their MaxCDN network.

What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN is one of the largest Content Delivery Network provider which can accelerate and decrease the server load. It is like one of the name which you will always hear when ever someone is talking about speeding up your site. Speeding the website has become the most challenge to the bloggers than to concentrate on plugins and other stuffs. For non-technical people, it would sounds like some alien word..

In simple terms – CDN improves page speed, your readers-clients-customer will be more happy as your site will load faster, your search engine ranking will improve and most important you will be saving money on your limited bandwidth hosting.

Pricing and Plans

MaxCDN provides their services as two packs – Starter pack and High Volume Packs.

If you are a heavy bandwidth user, then go ahead with the High Volume Plan. If you are just a starter, then its better to check out the MaxCDN with the starter pack.

Check Pricing : View MaxCDN’s pricing and plans

The screenshot below gives us a rough sketch on it plans:


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Benefits of using MaxCDN:

Google ranking:

If you have searched any of your content article in Google search, you would be finding it hard to get it ranked in the First or Second page. You may also have noticed that Google has now listed the page speed as a factor of deciding Webpage Ranking. By using a Content delivery network service, you can speed up your site to a great extent.Benefits-of-CDN

Handle More traffic:

CDN allows your website to distribute the load to multiple servers while you get a heavy traffic at point of time. Frequent Webpage crashes could be avoided by using MaxCDN network.

SEO Improvement:

Search Engine Optimization is the next challenge for the bloggers. By loading your page faster you could get much better bounce rates for any website and this could multiply your post views and subscribers easily.

Reduces the cost of your hosting:

CDN’s are way cheaper than Web hosting and since your files will be served from CDN servers, you need not need to worry about bandwidth cost of your Web hosting. You could thus save lot of money by using CDN.

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So, how many of you are using CDN and which one you using with your WordPress blog? Do you think it’s essential and beneficial for a Blogger to serve their site using a content delivery network?