Top 5 MIUI 7 Features!


Alright..So you may be the Redmi guys who are waiting for the yet the new MIUI 7 ROM which was just recently revelead in New Delhi on 19th August.


MIUI 7 is the next upgrade from MIUI 6 which Xiaomi is going to provide to its users via OTA to all of its devices.

So here are the Top 10 MIUI 7 Tricks and Features you would be able to find after you get the update.

#1. Themes

Though themes are not considered to be a feature, Xiaomi has added many new to this MIUI 7 ROM. These themes include colours from pink, brown, blue and green. Some of which are inspired from luxury goods and some from nature.


#2. Child Mode

If you are a parent who doesn’t want to let your child use your phone without your permission or allow them use only some apps like games, then this feature is right for you.

Just enable the Child mode and you will be asked to put a password or pin lock to it and then you could add apps. When you go into the home screen only those apps would be visible.

#3. Smart device control

Now with the new MIUI 7, you could easily control the smart devices like the Mi band, Mi cam and so just from your lockscreen.

Just swipe left from the home screen and you would be able to manage all the device at once.


#4. Caller profile video

Now you could also get the Profile video loop playback for 5 sec, while someone having any Xiaomi phone is calling you.

To setup this feature, you will have to exchange contact card across the device person who need the profile video playback.

#5. IVR Feature

With the new MIUI 7, the voice calls which you make with Snapdeal, Flipkart, Indian Railways could be easily simplified.

The Voice navigation could be easily navigated with the visual instructions and that way you could save time and also get information much quicker.

So these are not just the features of MIUI 7. There are lots and lots to be developed. Wait for the update and you could experience it yourself.



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