Watching your favorite shows, movies, music and much more were fun only on the television. When it comes on to Youtube, videos are far more interesting. Netflix is even more addicting. Due to the geological restrictions everywhere, we as international viewers are indeed being blocked from viewing them.

Of course, its the same case as in Netflix, Hulu and so on.

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Unotelly is A big solution to all of this. They do this using a DNS Service. Basically DNS services usually require the user to manually change the DNS servers on his browser, computer network card, gaming console or TV box. You could make the change just in a matter of seconds.

There are two services offered, UnoDNS at $4.95/month, and UnoVPN at $7.95/month. Both services provide full access to over 300 streaming channels, including more than 30 high speed DNS servers.

They come with 24/7 support, making it easier even for dummies.

UnoTelly :

Simple stuff, really, and well worth the regular price of $4.95 USD per month. We consistently got speeds over 12Mbps/s with little trouble sometimes, and often running at 15Mbps/s when buffering HD video. If all you want is TV, UnoDNS offers a solid option.

So..Tell us Are you using UnoTelly? Enjoying it? Do let us know!