Last week, Xiaomi had presented us with a new Mi Bluetooth headset. Today, for the most interesting part, Xiaomi has lauched Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp. 

It may kinda think that it is like the Philips hue. But its not. This Lamp is a little big cylindrical in shape so that the intensity of the light spreads all over the ground.Everyone has their own taste and favourite color. Some might like blue, some might like red and so on.

With only one Yee Bedside Lamp, you can have up to 16 Million colors with own customized saturation and brightness.

That is the next most interesting part of this device.The light color being emitted is controllable using our smartphone gadgets by using a app called Yeelight app. A real smart lamp for sure.



Talking about its build quality, it has a white porcelain shade used. The base is made with Aluminium, it looks elegant and easy to hold. The coated aluminium also enhance heat dissipation and there is Yeelight logo at the middle of the base.

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There are 2 buttons on top, one is the power button and the other one is entering the light mode which there are wide variety of colors for you to choose from.The specification of Yeelight Bedside Lamp is printed at the bottom of the lamp. The rubber mat function as anti skid.


Yeelight Bedside Lamp is smart as you can set certain time to automatically on/off. Besides that, there is a smart mode where you can enable midnight feature. Just a simply tap on top of the lamp will wake the light up and you do not need to find the power button in the dark. Under midnight lamp mode, the lamp will eventually adjust the brightness according to the surrounding.

This bedside lamp is selling like hot cakes in China and out of stock very quickly. You may get one for you before it gets sold out from Aliexpress. The current price at which it is being sold now is 40$, which is quite affordable when compared to that of Philips hue lights.

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