Xiaomi Mi Band to go on sale on May 5


xiaomi Mi band india

Xiaomi is not just a chineese smartphone vendor, it is rising to become the china’s top most company and is now becoming a great competitor for Samsung. Till now, Xiaomi had launched Smartphones, powerbanks, selfie monopods and more.

But this is the first time the product is coming for sale in India after its launch in China.

Did you guess it ? Yes..it is the Mi Band. Mi band was launched along with it’s smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4i launch in the event at New Delhi. Do read our Top 5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 4i.



Well now we will take a quick brief look over the Mi Band. Mi band is spotted in 4 colour variantsBlue, pink ,back and white.

Mi Band as it says, its a device worn around our wrist to track our health performance. This is done by pairing our Mi band with our Smartphone using Bluetooth. Mi band takes advantage of the app which is available in playstore, to track our daily health status.


Xiaomi Mi Band counts the everyday step you walk, your daily sleep time and even helps you to track the amount of calories you have used upon everyday.

This Mi band would sound interesting to some people who has long hours of sleeping. You can set alarm in your phone and during the time of the alarm, your Mi band would automatically vibrate slowly, slowly and steadily so as to make you woken up from a nice dreamy sleep.

That’s pretty much it about this device. You must be wondering how much this would cost. Its just Rs.999.

But you would get it just for Re.1, if you manage to buy the Mi Band from mi.com exactly before the 1000 units are sold out.

So let us know if you like Mi band or not? Do let us know in the comment section down below.