A person learns things with exposure. If a person is not allowed to go out of their home or search the web for gathering knowledge, then they will not be growing up with the same mental and physical level as those people around them.

A mobile phone spy helps parents look after their kids without even stopping them from doing their daily activities. Let them do whatever they intend to do, let them learn new things and if you think that they are about to do anything that is sincerely going to have bad consequences, then you go ahead and stop them.

What Xnspy actually is?

Xnspy is a reliable and extremely user friendly mobile phone spy that helps you keep an eye on the everyday activities of your child. It has some exciting features attached to it and is worth every cent that you spend on it. All I had to do was to sign up for my Xnspy account and install Xnspy in my child’s mobile phone. Now I can keep an eye on the activities of my child from wherever I want by just logging into my Xnspy account.

Xnspy Mobile Spy

What are its basic features?

With Xnspy you can:

  • Monitor all the Calls dialed and received on your child’s mobile phone. You can even record all the calls along with the time and duration of each call.
  • Monitor all the SMS sent and received by your child. This includes all the messages saved in drafts and even the messages deleted by your child from their phone.
  • View all the emails of your child.
  • View the entire web browsing history of your child. This includes all the Bookmarks as well
  • View all the contact numbers in your child’s Phonebook

Other exciting features:

This mobile phone spy provides you with a few other mouth-watering features as well. These include:

  • Record Surroundings – With this feature, you can record the surroundings of your child’s mobile phone whenever you want
  • Geo Location – This feature helps you track the exact location of your child at any time you want.
  • Remote control – The feature I enjoyed the most was the ‘Remote Control”. This feature literally gives the control of your child’s cell phone in your hands. With just one click you can backup and wipe data from your child’s phone and even lock the phone with a passcode of our choice.

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Compatible cell phones:

Xnspy works topnotch with:

  • All Android phones having the Android operating systems 2.3 and above that
  • All iPhone models having an operating system of iOS 6 and above
  • Click here to view compatible devices.

Ball in parents’ court:

Now Xnspy has put the ball in the court of the parents. It’s totally up to their discretion now to deal with it and as in this case how to deal with their child. Thanks to this magnificent mobile phone spy, Xnspy.